My interest for hand lettering began when I discovered other hand lettering artists on Instagram. Little did I know that it was a career, but that it existed all this time everywhere from the graffiti, the coffee shop chalk menus, business signs etc. It fascinated me that there is thought behind how words are created and displayed.


As I am exploring this field, I use hand drawn brush pen lettering to convey messages on greeting cards to bring back the joy of giving loved ones a thoughtful homemade, personalized gift in this modern day where texting has become the main communication.

With digital hand lettering, I enjoy using the combination of my hand drawn letters and typography in a non-traditional style from the iPad software, Procreate. From this, I play with different colors, backgrounds, space, and textures.


My style is cursive, monoline sans-serif, and sans-serif with secondary strokes with minimal illustrations accompanying the words.

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